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Poject Description
A handy .NET library to get the counts of your social stats. SocialCounter provides you a flexibility to get your Facebook page fans, RSS feed readers, Twitter followers count. You can use the library to show off your social stats more effectively on your blog or website.

Below is the list of the supported social networks from where you can get social stats.

  1. Facebook
    1. Get total friends count
    2. Get total page like counts
  2. Twitter
    1. Get total twitter followers count
  3. FeedBurner (Google FeedBurner)
    1. Get total feed readers count
  4. Google
    1. Get Google +1 counts

Project home page:

Stay tuned, as there are more to come. But in the meantime if you have any suggestions/feedbacks then drop me a line at prashant[at], I would live to hear from you.

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